MDC (Multifactor Data Convergence)
MDC (Multifactor Data Convergence) is a combined method of collection and processing of primary information from the network retail, based on convergence and unification of the advantages and strengths of the retail sales channel analysis techniques, such as sensus, retail audit, store check.


The main objective of techniques is the collection, systematization, multi-level verification, correction, and adaptation ...

Dataflow buildup
 • Dataflow buildup

Information is generated in stages:

- Initial reports (information array);

- Structured reports and summary tables;


- Integration with the client's BI


Physical verification of the array includes the primary inspection of incoming array (physical integrity of the array, the name of rows / columns, data format and array content, ...

Integration with the client's BI

Reports on the trading network sales are available on a monthly basis for each SKU in terms of each

store for the networks and groups of products, to which the client is subscribed;

Geography structure: Network-Store-Address-City-Region-Area with a regional breakdown,

adapted for each Customer;

Reports are uploaded for the Customer in any convenient format:

- ...

Analytical reports detalization
Data detalization can be performed according to the following categories:

- Throughout Ukraine / in specific region / city;

 - By product group / subgroup / characteristics of the goods;

 - By networks / specific trading network;

 - By brand / each SKU with bounding to the network and POS