Merchandising is one of the most effective

marketing tools that is a

a huge complex of measures aimed at

any product promotion. Today,

there is no company left, which would not

use the merchandising services.


Our professional team of merchandisers

operates in all regions of Ukraine and will perform the following services for you:


- Display of goods in points of sale according to the Customer's standards;

- Location of the Customer’s goods in the priority areas of POS;

- Price and assortment monitoring for a particular category of products;

- Regular replacement of price tags, POS-materials placement;

- Additional equipment installation;

- Proper facing and optimization of retail space on the shelves;

- Staff audit;

- Measures to stimulate the sales staff;

- Development of recommended orders;

- Performing the functions of the Trade Representative at POS;

- Establishing and improvement of the merchandising standards;

- Implementation of marketing projects in the commerce of any duration, in any region;

- Reports in any format that is convenient for the Customer.


Our agency is also ready to offer you the additional services* related to the organization of merchandising operation:

- Establishing the general system of the merchandising mechanism;

- Replacement of the product, arranging the return of goods;

- Organization of the product redemption and researches in networks;

- Stocktaking, receiving data based on the remaining stock in POS;

- Quantitative and qualitative distribution analysis;

- POS-material design and creation;

- Establishing and improvement of planograms to display the goods;

- Coordination of relevant work with POS administration;

- Project efficiency analysis.

* additional approval is required


Remember, if you use our merchandising service, you can:

- Save the marketing budget considerably

- Increase sales

- Attract customers to new products

- Ensure stable availability of your products on the shelves


We also offer a full range of BTL-services (various campaigns aimed at stimulating the potential buyers):

- Promotions:


1. Concept development and planning of promotions;

2. Promoters teambuilding and training;

3. Promotions monitoring;

4. Event outcome analysis, assessment of efficiency of such events;


- Tastings;

- Distribution of promotional materials (leaflets, booklets, flyers);

- Social surveys;

- Posting ads;

- Photo and video reports on the BTL-projects.


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Besides, you may always use other of our services.