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Network retail audit is the most precise instrument providing the producers and distributors with an important comparative information about what is happing to the products in a retail network, where it is sold to the end consumer. 


A clear idea of the product behavior in a retail network is the necessary element of planning, development and control of implementation of an efficient marketing and sales program.


Retail audit data are used as an instrument for more deliberate decisions and risk minimization in the sphere of marketing and sales.


Network retail audit is not only a report about what has happened in the market, but also an instrument for prediction and taking the preventive actions.


The main tasks of network retail audit are: 

• Evaluation of the category growth dynamics; 

• Evaluation of sales seasonality over the market in whole and different segments; 

• Share and growth dynamics of price brackets

• Identification of subcategories displaying the growth in dynamics;


• Competitive analysis:

- Dynamics of the producer and trademark market shares;

- Analysis of the factors that cause changes in the trademark (producer) market share;

- Monitoring the entry of new trademarks and their development dynamics;

- Identification of the most vulnerable trademarks to attack.


• Assortment analysis:

- Analysis of representation of the Customer’s top-SKU trademarks in comparison with competitors;

- Evaluation of the potential of sales increase by means of assortment optimization;

- Identification of SKU with high turnover that require the distribution increase;

- Recommendations for the withdrawal of items with low turnover from trading networks;

- Identification of competitors' "novelties" and evaluation of their development dynamics.


• Price analysis:

- Analysis of the competitive price of the Customer's product, potential identification for price increase;

- Recommendations for price-level changes for the Customer's trademark products in comparison with the general price-level changes by category / price bracket;

- Monitoring of the price level influence on the Customer's products in connection with the average turnover in terms of networks.


• Analysis of promotional/trading marketing activities:

- Identification and analysis of the Customer's and competitors' "bundling";

- Efficiency analysis of the competitors' pricing actions;

- Identification and recommendations for the selection of maximum efficient activities considering the market conditions, depending on regional preferences of the end consumer. 


Generally, audit data are useful for the marketing department, sales department and top managers of manufacturing companies and distributors.


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